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Chiang Mai – The New City

Chiang Mai is the place where you can find beautiful Escort Chiang Mai so why wait? Come over and experience this exotic island with top notch quality hookers provided by Crown escort. Considered as “The Rose of the North” by many in beautiful country of Thailand, the city is loaded with misty mountains and flamboyant hill tribes making it a popular stop for any seasoned or first time traveller. Chiang Mai was founded in 1296 after it became the capital of the ancient Lanna Kingdom. In recent times it has been a place where past and the present effortlessly combine with modern buildings standing opposite to old and prestigious temples. The captivating and ancient capital of Lanna is regarded as a paradise for people who love to shop and for those looking for adventures. Considered as the crown jewel of Thailand, since several years Chiang Mai consistently ranks in the top 25 best destinations of the world. Visit this wonderful island city with your Escort Chiang Mai and experience the very best cuisine in the day while you receive the best Thai massage in night. Apart from having such a unique combination of past and present, the island is also home to various sultry and seductive Escort Chiang Mai. While some people visit Chiang Mai for its wonderful cuisine, few visitors might be bowled over by the huge variety of handicrafts and antiques on exhibition whereas party animals will find abundance of electric and vibrant nightlife to enjoy especially if you have you are in the company of our escort model. Regardless of its small size, Chiang Mai has it all to offer any man, something which many big cities fail to do. The city is the perfect example of “Big Things Comes In Small Packages”. The word Chiang Mai means the new city in Thai and this city is filled with marvelous attractions, fancy restaurants, relaxing hotels and the hottest Escort Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai represents the perfect destination for a relaxing time with a callgirl of your choice. With so many things to offer, there is no doubt about the value of this beautiful city to the tourism industry of Thailand. Avail the services of a top rated escort agency like Crown escorts to go out on a date with one of the best Escort Chiang Mai, who will give you a guide of the island in the day while she becomes your erotic mistress in night as she makes your stay in Chiang Mai a memorable one.

Explore the historical city with your Escort Chiang Mai

With many things to do in Chiang Mai lets start with some ancient temples. To learn about the history and culture of the city, take your Escort Chiang Mai to the Wat Phra That Doi Suthep which is located at the top of Doi Suthep Mountain among abundant jungle surrounds. This temple not only has a prestigious history in the Lanna culture and northern Thailand, but it is cherish throughout Thailand with many families coming to visit the sacred site from every part of the globe. If you like adventures then take your paid sex date and climb the staircase consisting of 308 steps to the temple where you will experience a magical cultural vibe along with the breathtaking views of the city below. Nothing surpasses such a exquisite view apart from the mind blowing spectacle when your Escort Chiang Mai will be on top of you as you slowly drift into an erotic paradise in your hotel rooms. The beautiful city is an ideal place to further enhance your love for Thai escorts and Thai cuisine with some of the best dishes the island has to offer. Not only this but there is a huge collection of cooking classes which you can get enrolled in with your full service escorts. Crown escorts is regarded by people all over the globe as an elite escort agency as we offer such amazing Escort Chiang Mai who are playful, fun and gorgeous. We understand how fun it could be to explore an exotic city but we also realize how exhausting and tiring it could be. Hence we provide the most erotic erotic massage escorts you ever came across as they will make the traditional Thai massage, a much more pleasurable affair by using their astonishing skills and years of experience in providing pleasure to men. Our Escort Chiang Mai will give you a much needed break with a massage so you forget everything and enjoy the time with them. Huay Tung Tao Lake is the best place to chill with your sex girls. Spending a romantic evening at Huay Tung Tao with your Escort Chiang Mai is the best way to chill and unwind. Never fear when its time to be adventurous by the lake shores as your young escort will help you set up a camp in the bambino huts, relax with few refreshing beverages, some tasty Thai cuisine. Roam around with your Escort Chiang Mai down the Sunday Walking Street Market which is without a doubt the most awesome and beautiful market in Chiang Mai. It starts from Thapae Gate and ends at Wat Pra Singh. The market is filled with hill tribe crafts, handmade wares and delicious local cuisine. This amazing market is an ideal place to get souvenirs for your friends and families but keep a check on time as you should not be late because the market operates from around 4.30 pm until midnight. Who doesn’t like to go on adventures? What are you waiting for then, take your sexy teen escort for zip-lining where you can cherish a unique experience as you swing through the canopies of the jungle like a wild monkey. Thailand is famous all over the globe for its zip-lining adventures, which offers a great opportunity for every nature lovers to experience the life in jungle by navigating through the thick canopies at a very fast speed. Enjoy a vast range of majestic waterfall with your Escort Chiang Mai as Thailand is loaded with stunning yet gorgeous waterfalls, but the most famous of them all is Bua Tong commonly known as “Sticky Waterfalls” . The marvelous waterfall has yet to find its equal. Every sexual act is waiting to be performed by you and your hobby hookers. To interact and play with elephants in a friendly and ethical manner, one must visit the Elephant Nature Park which is one of the most famous elephant conservation projects in the world. Hosting more than 35 free-roaming elephants, Elephant nature park gives shelter to every elephant that has been saved from the logging and tourism industries. Enjoy a day filled with fun at the park with your adult companion.

Enjoy the best services provided by Escort Chiang Mai

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